In 2011 Heinrich Wolff was invited to give the annual Designers of the Future lecture at TU Delft. This book was published after that event.
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  • 2011 'heinrich wolff monograph'
    14 Projects by Noero Wolff, published on the occasion of the 2007 DaimlerChrysler Award for South African Architecture, awarded to Heinrich Wolff.
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  • 2011 'Adéle Naudé Santos and Antonio de Souza Santos Monograph, Cape Town work'
    a compendium of the work that the team did during their years in Cape Town 1967 – 1972 - Edited by Ilze Wolff.
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  • 2009 ‘10 years + 100 buildings – Architecture in a Democratic South Africa’
    An interview with the editor ‘Ora Joubert (OJ) by architect Ilze Wolff (IW)
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  • 2009 'Werdmuller Centre - artefact of and ephemeral context'
    South African Journal for Art History, Volume 24 Number 1, 2009 Extraordinary contexts. By Ilze Wolff
  • 2008 10th Docomomo conference 'The Challenge of Change – a Review on its Relevance to the South African Context'
    ArchiAfrika newsletter and website (September 2008) http://www.archiafrika.org. By Ilze Wolff.
  • 2008 'Playful Resourcefulness'
    Architecture South Africa (March/April 2008). By Ilze Wolff (with Heinrich Wolff).
  • 2007 'Lessons in Spatializing' Heritage – the Conservation Work of Lina Bo Bardi
    SA Architect (April 2007). By Ilze Wolff.
  • 2007 ‘Split personality – House Moncrieff’
    SA Architect (July/August 2007). By Ilze Wolff.
  • 2007 'Open House – Open Mind'
    One Small Seed (issue 09, Dec/Jan/Feb 2008). By Lorenzo Nassimbeni.
  • 2005 'Womens Jail'
    SA Digest (issue 2005-2006). By Ilze Wolff.