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Open House Architecture CC was founded in 2006, an architectural firm engaged in designing buildings with a high degree of innovation, integrity and creativity.

Social Responsibility

OH.A is currently involved in a diverse range of projects, including two early development centres in the poor communities of Cape Town.


Furthermore, the office organizes regular tours of significant buildings in Cape Town and surrounds, open to students, architects and the general public. The aim is to cultivate an appreciation of the built environment.


The office recently completed curating an exhibition, which could prevent the possible demolition of the Werdmuller Centre, an architectural masterpiece in Cape Town.

Senior Partners

Our Office

Our Office

Ilze Wolff

Ilze Wolff

Ilze Wolff (b.1980) is a 2004 UCT School of Architecture graduate, BAS, B.Arch.

Ilze has worked in the field of architectural heritage and conservation and has experience in adapting old buildings for new uses.

She has participated in the Continuing Professional Development Programs: Architectural and Urban Conservation: Theory and Practice.

She has been teaching Architecture Design Studio at UCT School of Architecture since 2006.